Bubble Wrap Calendar 2013

By: on November 24, 2012
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One Bubble Wrap Calendar reviewer on Amazon recommends abstaining from an entire month of daily extra-large bubble popping satisfaction, and then at day 30 or 31 (fine, or 28) running your thumb down the whole row of Mankind's Greatest Packing Material for the ultimate indulgence in plastic-wrapped air release. Due to my compulsive nature, tactile fixations, and other Freudian neuroses, I'm not sure I could hold out for that long, but it's an admirable goal, reviewer "Kort", an admirable goal.

Featuring 365 days of Pop!-primed nodules aligned beneath their corresponding months--in business-sexy Helvetica Neue font, no less--the 2013 Bubble Wrap Calendar hangs 48" long x 17.7" wide. Yep, it's huge. But, unfortunately, good for only a year before it becomes entirely worthless.

November 2013 Update: The 2014 Bubble Wrap Calendar is now available--follow the link below to pop over and buy yours.

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This Book Is a Planetarium

$28.18 from Amazon »

This Book Is a Planetarium picks up right where your homemade eclipse viewer skills left off. You don't even need an empty Rice Krispies box or aluminum foil. Kelli Anderson's collection of functional doohickies are all...

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Holleyweb Inflatable Bubble House

$1,950 from Amazon »

Privacy be damned! The Holleyweb inflatable Bubble House is the only tent for those who really mean it when they say they like a panoramic view. The transparent PVC tarpaulin is also a great choice for the campground...

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Prank Pack Fake Gift Boxes

$7.99 from Amazon »

Liven up the holidays--at least for yourself--with Prank Packs, fake gift boxes with intricately detailed photos and explanations of products just bizarre enough to be ridiculous, but just believable enough in enterprising...

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Hanging Bubble Wall Fountain

$265 from Amazon »

Hang a Bubble Wall Fountain in your living room and escape into a soothing stream of LED reverie whenever you feel like life is bludgeoning your soul, or after you run out of Master of None episodes to watch and have...

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Year of the Dead Zombie Lingerie Calendar

Sold Out from Amazon »

On the one hand, we don't really need 2013 calendars since we're probably not going to live to see 2013, but on the other hand, the Year of the Dead calendar brims with extremely hot and voluptuous zombie ladies in lingerie...

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Puzzle Pod - Cryptex Packaging

$31.95 from Amazon »

What better way to enjoy giving a gift as much as receiving one than to present it to its recipient in a Puzzle Pod? For this DaVinci Code-style cryptex, which must be solved before the goods inside are accessible, will...

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The Dragon Sex Calendar

I can't believe it! Just yesterday I was thinking about cartoon sex--albeit between people, not dragons--and today I find a whole calendar of cartoon sex stills! And you know what: I think the thinking thinks even better...

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BubbleLick Edible Boozy Bubbles

$12.59 from Amazon »

If I had a kid, BubbleLick-ing would be my father-son bonding activity of choice: he blows, I consume. It might be the only game you'll ever play as a parent that actually gets more fun the longer it drags on....

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Bubble Wrap Suit

$14.99 from ThinkGeek »

I wonder if they ship it packed in porcelain. Though an official nod to Dude, Where's My Car? UFO cultists and their leader, Zoltan, the Bubble Wrap Suit really transcends circa 2000 stoner flick pigeon holes in its practicality...

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What? Perpetual Calendar Watch

$336.79 from Amazon »

It should be called the What's Up? Watch because that's exactly what this connected hybrid does: tells you what's up. There's your standard analog time circling the What? face all simple and modern, with nice hash marks...

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Gin & Whisky Advent Calendars

$161.09 - $241.59 from Firebox.com »

Do you see what it says on one of the drams in the Gin Advent Calendar?! Professor Cornelius! Professor Cornelius Impleforth! I can't stop laughing! Partly due to the thought of my friend Cornelius being a professor...

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Zero Smoke Ring Blaster

Sold Out from Amazon »

Zero Toys has got all markets cornered with its Smoke Ring Blaster. Kids. Halloween. Office shenanigans. And one that never would have occurred to me until I saw the above video: golden retrievers. I'm loath to admit...