Boyfriend Blanket - 25-Pound Weighted Comforter

Posted: November 21, 2018
Boyfriend Blanket - 25-Pound Weighted Comforter

I like how Boyfriend Blanket hops on the weighted blanket bandwagon, but doesn't quite sell it as the clinically backed method for assisting with various sensory and social disorders, and quelling anxiety that it is. Instead, they turn the blanket into a product for comforting lonely single girls during their cold nights alone in bed. No boyfriend to keep them snuggled and warm. No boyfriend to make waking up the next morning even worth it.

But don't worry, says Boyfriend Blanket. In addition to ADD, sleep disorders, and anxiety, bedding with heavy glass beads sewn into it can also cure singledom.

So if you or a lady you know is in need of a boyfriend...blanket, this one comes as a 25-pound comforter with denim duvet cover. So it's not just like a boyfriend, but a boyfriend in his favorite jeans!

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