Blue Light Experiment Kit

Posted: January 23, 2013
Blue Light Experiment Kit
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The Cool Blue Light Experiment Kit teaches inquisitive minds about chemiluminescence and the rest of us how to make our arms glow without killing and dismembering a firefly. Weee! Using copper sulfate, perborate, and luminol the mini science lab teaches mix masters to produce light from the energy releases during a specific chemical reaction. This Mother Nature technology is the same used by CSI types to detect hemoglobin at crime scenes, and Dave Matthews to detect blood in the water.

With the Cool Blue Light Experiment Kit in tow, humans over the age of 9 and probably a few chimpanzees can generate luminous blue jewel tones, make a penny glow, and elicit a quantum leap. Some experiments call for the addition of common household items, such as bleach, hydrogen peroxide, sugar, and Scott Bakula.

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