Bearded Year Transparent Overlay Calendar

Posted: January 13, 2015
Bearded Year Transparent Overlay Calendar

I know we're almost halfway through January, but you still have, like, three hundred sixty...um...forty...like, a lot of days left in 2015 to 1) merit tracking by 2015 calendar and 2) grow a sick Arctic beard. Anna Marinenko's Bearded Year will help keep you on track. Or at least provide an indication of the progress you'll need to make on a monthly basis if you hope to look like Yosemite Sam by December.

Above the month/date info on her collection of transparent plastic A4s, Marinenko depicts a man's mug and its evolution from pubic stubble to bushy follicular splendor in 12 pages flat. Each month overlays the next to create the growth effect, plus a pretty sweet visual. Very clever, Ms. Marinenko, very clever indeed.

This set of The Bearded Year 2015 calendar also includes a frame for gifting to beard lovers and prominent, protected wall display. The plastic sheets have a light blue tint.

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