Batman Batwing Fan Blades

Posted: May 27, 2012
Batman Batwing/Dragon Wing Fan Blades

The Dark Knight rises. Know what else rises? Heat. As the summer months approach, we must arm ourselves to fight this oppressive, yet elusive nemesis. We must strong arm hot air and gym sock stuffiness out of our bedrooms and into the night. We must conquer, or succumb to persistent crankiness, sleepless nights, and dinner entrees salted with sweat. And since we must do it, we may as well do it Gotham City-style. This wistful set of Batwing Fan Blades will serve as our first line of scorching summer defense. It will aid us in combat, rejoice in our victory, and generally elevate our ceiling status from mere pinnacle of the room, to pinnacle of Gothic fantasy cool.

If dragons are more your thing, well, they kinda look like dragon wings too, don't they? Sunday nights in July, Game of Thrones pot lucks, a little Targaryen-style air circulation from the ceiling fan...I see Summer 2012, and I see Best. Summer. Ever.

Four handcut and handpainted wood blades arrive in the set, with holes undrilled for fitting to a variety of fans (the wood is soft enough that the blades should be easy enough to screw in place without power tools). One bit of bad news: Creator Darkwear Clothing has only one set of fan blades left. They are painted black, ready to ship, and up for grabs to the fastest mouse clicker on the Web.

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