Baseball Hat Wash Cage

Posted: July 13, 2013
Baseball Hat Washing Cage

My preferred method of baseball hat maintenance is wearing them until they smell like the inside of a boxing glove and have mosaics of sweat and dirt encircling their dome, and then taking them for a dunk when I happen to be near a lake. Eventually my mama throws them away while she's over cleaning my house and we have a big fight about how could she do that, does she have any idea how long it took me to mold that cap so perfectly to the shape of my head?! and she buys me a new baseball hat that I deem to be better than the last and also some chimichangas from the taco truck that I like but do not like driving to on account of the fact that it requires me to get in my car and drive there.

But hey, that's just me. Maybe you like to take care of your caps by washing them. In which case, perhaps you would also like this Cap Shaper, a snug cage that fits baseball and wool hats, plus visors, and maintains their shape during cleaning in the washing machine or the dishwasher.

Now this hat-in-the-dishwasher business, does it mean I can clean other articles of clothing in there too? Because right now running my dishwasher costs nothing, but running my washing machine costs $1.25 in quarters, plus the descent of 4 flights of stairs, so an affirmative response to this inquiry could potentially change my life.

Muchas danke to HiConsumption.

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