Himalayan Salt Skull Lamp

Posted: March 28, 2013
Himalayan Salt Skull Lamp

They can make a lamp out of salt? That's crazy! I'm Brian Fellow!* And this Himalayan salt skull lamp is Henry! No, seriously. The Spice of Light already named the lamp. That kind of sucks. So now if I buy it it'll be like when I get a dog from the pound or a kid from the orphanage and it comes with some dumb name its previous owner gave it prior to abandonment, like Bubbles or Cornelius**, and then I have to retrain it to respond to Bob or Ted or Mick Mars. Ah well, everything comes with a price.

Henry the skull lamp stands 10" tall on a Rosewood base, and is sculpted to order. His internal bulb illuminates and heats the surrounding Himalayan salt, both generating a creepy red glow and prompting the emission of salt's natural negative ions. The latter serve to neutralize the pollutive, positive ions roaming around the air, cleansing a space of about 25' x 25' in the skull's vicinity.

*Brian Fellow's Safari Planet is my all-time favorite Saturday Night Live skit, particularly this one, featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jimmy Fallon showboating his ventriloquist skills, and a special guest that enjoys singing and bein' in a cage. It's the Hangover of SNL--funny the first time, and then exponentially funnier every time you see it thereafter.

**Hey Cornelius: Zing!

Muchas danke to Judy M. for sending us the Dude Product Tip.

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