FLIP Throwable Spectral Light

Posted: April 28, 2013
FLIP Throwable Spectral Light

I saw lights like those emitted from the FLIP tactile luminaire last night. Many, many lights. Prismatic shards of color beaming above my head and through my jugular to the beat of mmmchuck, mmmchuck, mmmchuck. People kept taking their shirts off. But none of them were girls. And I was with a bachelor party but...I'm pretty sure I don't know anyone getting married. It was kind of like a dream that makes you uneasy and you can't figure out if that's in a good way or a bad way. And dude. These interactive ball lights that change colors when tossed, spun, or rolled look cool enough, but all I can say right now is thanks be to the migraine gods that they don't have a video and I don't have to watch them in action. Will someone please pass me a vial of Sober Up and a Cloud levitating sofa?

FLIP lights respond to touch and movement, segueing through shades and colors of the spectrum--and leaving behind gnarly trails of luminescence--according to the user's manipulation of them. At $425, they seem kind of expensive, but...no that's it. They seem kind of expensive.

These Boon GLO nightlights don't give the same rave-type performance as the FLIPs, but at a fraction of the cost for a set of 3, they'll suffice for incandescent juggling and tripping one out when one is high.

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