Portable Balls - Glowing Nightlight

Posted: August 12, 2012
Boon Glo Portable Glowing Nightlight
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Great balls of...not fire at all, actually. The Boon GLO nightlight's removable glowing balls have no electrical components at all, so they alight without even getting warm, and won't break if dropped or tossed around during a midnight game of Insomniacs' Catch. The portable orbs both aid in groggy perambulators' safe nighttime navigation from bedroom to bathroom, illuminating furniture corners and errant shoes in their path, and serve as a safe "security blanket" for kiddos to sleep with--a perk if your mini-me is freaked out by the dark and potential visits from monsters, such as Sasquatch and Cameron Diaz. The spheres glow continuously when left on their a charging tree, and for about 30 minutes when removed, fading through a series of colors to dark.

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