Zombie Cutting Boards

By: on October 09, 2014
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San Diego-based woodworker Dave Stencil has decided to bring zombies to the kitchen. To "make quality cutting boards that showcase your love for braaaaiiiins...and well prepared meals."

Dave Stencil is right that I love brains and well prepared meals. Usually separately. Usually the former when they're pumped full of the knowledge and motivation needed to find cool products and do my work for me (thank you, Mama, Manny) and the latter at any time of any day of the week (thank you, Mama, House of Hong). Having recently held a Dude-ified version of one in my hands, I now love his Zombie Cutting Boards too though.

While I wouldn't use my Zombie Cutting Board to slash up tomatoes or bloody meat for fear of wood grain infiltration and congealing, I will engage its services for other standard chopping block players, such as carrots, celery, peppers, apples, and cocktail adornments. And I'll definitely bring it out for hosted (by Mama) dinners, parties, and Walking Dead viewings.

Pursuant to his successful Kickstarter campaign, Stencil will create each buyer's choice of zombie-themed cutting board or bread board. There are currently bamboo, maple, cherry, and mahogany woods, plus 3 crazed undead characters to choose from. Stencil cuts and constructs each edge-grain board, less the bamboo versions, himself and then laser etches them to complete zombification. Standard cutting board size is 9" x 13" and cheese/bread board size is 5-1/2" x 15".

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Sparta Knife Block

$49 from Missing Digit »

I think the Sparta Knife Block is even better than the Ex Knifeholder because while they are both clever ideas, the Sparta version connotes a brave and stoic warrior defending me instead of an angry and vengeful woman...

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Curling Pan - Shapeshifting Cutting Board

Right now Juan Lee's Curling Pan is just a concept. A wicked concept that Juan better make happen because a cutting board that curls up into a frying pan when it hits the heat of a stovetop burner? Holy balls that's some...

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Rustic Patio Bar & Cooler

$855 from Amazon »

Two coolers, folding prep surface, wine rack and drawer storage, rustic wood design--this patio bar gets my gold star of approval. Which it obviously already knows, given that it's gone ahead and affixed one to itself...

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Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit

$99.95 from Amazon »

Gerber Green is at it again. This time, instead of arming you with knives, axes, lanterns, zipper charms, and other tools to pursue your outdoor adventures, the company is offering up the Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit to...

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Dripping Blood Cutting Board

$26.11 from mzube »

Now kitchen countertops can look like a bloody mess whether you've cut yourself or used them to butcher a half side of beef or not. Great for Halloween, great for an otherwise ho-hum Monday night, great for getting a...

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Let's Cook Heisenberg Cutting Boards

$30.90 from Etsy »

I won't tell you what you should and shouldn't use these fine Breaking Bad cutting boards for, but...you might want to stick to "Let's Cook"-ing actual food. Like, how about cleaving some birds for a nice Los Pollos Hermanos...

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Kujira Whale Knives

$35.97 - $44.49 from Amazon »

Did you know whales can cut the cheese too? In fact, I bet they're the sharpest and most powerful cheese cutters on earth. Check it out. You got a sperm whale ready to cut the cheese, a humpback whale ready to cut the...

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Brooklyn Butcher Blocks Woodenware

$20 - $270 from Brooklyn Butcher Blocks »

Nils Wessell makes some pretty beastly butcher blocks. And cutting boards. And solid wood beer mugs. His is woodenware for Real Men. And also women who like sturdy, hand-crafted, masculine-yet-sleek mainstays for their...

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Cutting Boredom Cutting Boards

$35 - $125 from Etsy »

If you're not into Final Fantasy, maybe you'd like Tony Montana and "Scarf Place" on your cutting board. Or Jules Winnfield demanding, "Let's get these motherfuckin steaks on that motherfuckin flame!" Or Inigo Montoya...

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Index Cutting Board Set

$27.42 - $64.67 from Amazon »

If you're going to chop, chop it's a good idea to get organized. Joseph Joseph helps out with a file box of cutting boards, all tabbed for quick grabbing and indexed according to what you're going to be chop, chopping....

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Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Food Chopper

$14.97 - $23.40 from Amazon »

The Clever Cutter won't exactly carve your turkey dinner, but for chopping vegetables, snipping bacon bits, and slicing cheese, the scissor blades and cutting board in one are a lazy man's dream come true....

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Spiral Vegetable Slicer

Sold Out from Amazon »

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't eat a zucchini under any circumstances. But a zucchini that's been shaved? Hmmm, I don't know. See, when it comes to girls I...well, anyway, I guess it's safe to say that if an ugly...