Yonanas Healthy Ice Cream Maker

Posted: August 17, 2013
Yonanas Healthy Ice Cream Maker
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I almost started crying when I saw the Yonanas maker of healthy ice cream. It's what I imagine laying eyes upon my first child for the first time will feel like, except where the ice cream maker evokes awe and undiluted joy, the baby will likely be more a mixture of awe, fear, and mourning for my now-deceased social life.

Conceptually, the Yonanas machine is simple: a spinning blade at the end of a wide chute mashes plain frozen fruit into the texture of soft-serve frozen yogurt without the addition of sugar, cream, milk, or incantations from your fairy godmother. Frozen bananas--particularly overripe bananas--are the Yonanas' mainstay ingredient, though any frozen fruit amenable to being walloped on the head by a plastic plunger and driven to disembodiment at the hand of whirring edges of steel will produce a delicious and healthy treat for your belly. And if you favor the delicious a little more than the healthy, just toss in some chocolate chunks or peanut butter or other treats that taste like actual treats before driving dessert down the chute.

Yonanas' chute, plunger, and blade are all dishwasher safe, and hopefully that cord is too because if I have to be bothered to disassemble the device in order to clean it, we're veering into deal breaker territory, Yonanas.

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