V Toaster & Knife

By: on February 28, 2013

I don't really need a V-shaped toaster and accompanying knife to facilitate PB&J assembly and consumption--my mama makes mine. Crunchy Peter Pan, seedless strawberry jam, two slices of pumpernickel (shut up, it's delicious), crusts removed, cut on the diagonal. But those less maternally fortunate than I may find Zlil Lazarovich's angle iron toast concept and knife split to prevent jam encroachment into the butter/peanut butter tub charmingly seductive. No more jagged edges during folding--for proof, check out the captivating video of Lazarovich clamping shut a piece of dressed toast. And no more double dipping or, worse, wasting an additional 5 to 8 seconds cleansing the knife in between spreads. Its two branches even have different textures to match their intended recipient's consistency and preclude cross-contamination from use to use.