Triple-Basket Deep Fryer

By: on January 26, 2014
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Double up on the fish & chips and nuggets with fries, or cook one big vat of extra crispy fried chicken with Secura's triple-basket deep fryer. The electric countertop model contains a 1700-watt immersion element said to preheat oil quickly, and recover its set temperature with little down time during batch cooking. The oil vat holds 4.2 liters of your favorite liquified fat, and removes from the main component for more convenient dumping. Note: my mama once told me never to pour used oil down the sink drain or garbage disposal. In light of a recent experience, I would like to add toilet to that listing as well.

The deep fryer's adjustable heat controls have a 250- to 375-degree F range, plus an automatic timer that will shut the heat off after up to 60 minutes. The machine comes with an odor filter too, but let's face it, if you deep fry anything in your house the only way your house isn't going to smell like deep fried for the next 3 days is if you haul in at least 2 bags of Indian takeout. See, the way culinary odor permeation goes is:

Mexican-->Chinese-->Bacon-->Deep Fried-->Indian.

In the album above you will see some samples of the mouthwatering and gut-billowing selections I recommend your Secura deep fryer churn out for Super Bowl Sunday. Hot wings, naturally. Fried shrimp, of course. And also hush puppies, jalapeno poppers, fried raviolis, and the grand of all fried daddies: a bacon cheeseburger with a deep fried Twinkies bun. God bless the return of snack cakes!

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BakerStone Original Pizza Oven Box for the Grill

$112.99 - $159.97 from Amazon »

I do like me some pizza out of a box. Here, BakerStone trades in the cardboard of what we'd normally think of as a pizza box for stone and metal. This is the Pizza Oven Box, so named because BakerStone says it will transform...

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Solo Stove Bonfire

$349.99 from Amazon »

Solo Stove's latest release, the Bonfire backyard firepit, is one of the hottest campaigns on Kickstarter right now. At printing it was flaming with over $200,000 in backer pledges, smoking its $15,000 funding goal and...

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Scout Overland Kitchen

Hmmm, I think I just found a way to make some extra cash this summer. A full kitchen in the trunk for me means Cuban sandwiches, carnitas tacos, and five spice duck congee for all of you festival and beach goers. Or maybe...

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BioLite Base Camp Stove

Sold Out from Amazon »

The BioLite Base Camp Stove uses wood both to power and make power. It will massage fruits of the forest into fuel for grilling hot dogs and charging smartphones. Similar to BioLite's original leaf-and-twig-powered Camp...

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Hot Ash Stove

$99.99 from Amazon »

Go ahead and say it. Go on, they want you to. I'm sure it's why it got its name in the first place. That is a Hot. Ash. Stove....

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NerdChef Steel Pizza Stone

$69.95 - $99.95 from Amazon »

It's conductivity, baby! NerdChef makes their pizza stones out of unbreakable, bead-blasted-and-sanded-smooth steel not to match their abs, but because the material can replicate the conditions you'd typically need a...

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Happycall Diamond Nonstick Frying Pans

$24.99 - $49.99 from Amazon »

For non-stick stovetop cooking, Happycall's Diamond Frying Pans might be the best thing that ever happened to me and my eggs. In fact, up, over-easy, scrambled, any way you take them, the term non-stick doesn't even come...

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Magnetic Stove Shelf

$39.99 from Amazon »

Slap down a Stove Shelf - no, really, just slap the magnetic rack down on the back of your stove, installation complete - and give yourself some instant extra storage without sucking up extra space in your kitchen....

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Brick Oven Grill Converter

I must spend about $5,000 per year on pizza. Usually between the hours of 1:00 and 3:00 a.m. How cost effective (and fun for my neighbors) it would be if instead of Internet ordering from Dominoes and watching Ollie add...

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The FlameStower Fire-Powered Device Charger

$79.95 from Amazon »

Add just 10 ounces of FlameStower weight to your pack and you'll add unlimited recharges to your small battery-powered outdoor gear. Cameras. GPS systems. Lights. Smartphones*. The FlameStower Fire Charger gathers heat...

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BCB Crusader Cooking System

$99.41 from Amazon »

BCB Adventure's Crusader Cooking System is military- and NATO-approved. So the next time you're making Ramen on a backpacking trip, you can rest assured that the military and NATO are cool with it. Really though, this...

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Smart Oven Air Fryer, Roaster & Dehydrator

$345.95 from Amazon »

Tons of toaster ovens do more than just toast, but I like the Breville Smart Oven Air's additions of frying and dehydrating to the countertop cooker game. Using Element IQ technology, or the thing that allows them to...