Tosa Kajiyamura Knives

Posted: August 09, 2012
Tosa Kajiyamura Knives

A trio of Japanese knives by Tosa Kajiyamura for all the chefs and sharp object enthusiasts out there. Sold separately for $85 apiece, the three blades enjoy a rich history dating back to the early Edo period in 17th century Japan. During the Reformation of Genna in 1621, the people of the Tosa province had heavy hands in projects such as procuring lumber and promoting rice field development, duties which required the slicing edges of high-quality agricultural and forestry tools. This encouraged the province's citizens to hone their smithing skills and today, while they have incorporated some machinery into the forging process, they continue to hone their knives in the tradition of the Edo period.

I have no personal experience using Tosa Kajiyamura knives to cut, but I'm digging the Japanese characters engraved in their blades. Now I can feel exotic without having to get that tattoo....

Tosa Kajiyamura mainstay, the Bunka knife, is a hefty cut of high-carbon white steel laminated to hammered iron that sports an angled top edge, and subtly curved blade. Its oak handle, designed to rest in the nook of a palm, is intended to feel steady and light. Of similar thickness, but with a more vertical tip and straighter edge, the vegetable knife claims to be easily leveraged between the hand and cutting surface, enabling its use as a smooth and almost effortless fulcrum during extensive onion and carrot slashing missions. Its cleaver shape also makes it handy in transferring cut vegetables from board to pot. Lastly, the peoples of Tosa present their sashimi knife, a long and strong implement intended to slice its targets razor thin, and obviously used in the pursuit of Albacore nigiri and California rolls. Somehow, I find it both the spectral opposite, and perfect complement to the Sushi Bazooka.

All three knives should be wiped dry after each use to prevent rust. Each weighs in a 8 ounces, and measurements are as follows. Tosa Kajiyamura Bunka: 8-1/4" blade, 16-1/4" overall. Vegetable: 7" blade; 12-1/8" overall. Sashimi: 8-3/4" blade; 13-1/2" overall.

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