Time Bomb Kitchen Timer

By: on September 23, 2014
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They could have done so much more when they decided to turn a ticking time bomb into a kitchen timer. I think rather than twisting the center people should be able to pull the fuse to set it. And then with each passing minute the fuse would retract a little more until time's up. And then the bomb would brrrrring! and vibrate violently. And then explode.

As it stands this bomb is just a globe with the rudimentary capability of tracking time in 60-minute increments and telling my mama when the apple-plum pie with streusel topping she's making me is done. I guess that's OK too though.

The Time Bomb Kitchen Timer is a top Dude Gift for the Kitchen and Gift for Halloween pick.

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Steampunk Gearwork Sand Timer

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Flip over Doktor Schmerling's gearwork sand timer and as the grains drop, its gears will churn wider and wider, opening a portal to an alternate steampunk dimension in 1880s London....

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Prescription Bottle TimerCap

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TimerCaps call themselves "one simple change, that changes everything." And indeed the replacement caps for prescription bottles are clever, and a potential fairy godmother, on a couple of levels....

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Big Red Button Rage Relief Device

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It doesn't connect to an ejection seat or the trap door above a tank swarming with electric eels and Mariah Carey after a 3-day fast, but the Big Red Button rage relief device does provide considerable catharsis for the...

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The Atomic Grinder

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You know why they made the Atomic Grinder. So you can tell everyone your herbs are the bomb. Modeled after the Mark VI nuclear bomb, this dry goods pulverizer is made of zinc alloy, and comes in your choice of shiny gold...

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Trinitite Specimen

$56.99 from Amazon »

You can cook up Trinitite only in a nuclear kitchen. The material comes from the US' nuclear test blast of the Trinity Bomb in New Mexico on July 16, 1945. It was Dr. Frankensteined when the intense heat of the explosion...

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Defusable Alarm Clock

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Sometimes an alarm just isn't enough. It's too easy to press snooze and get another 10 minutes in. Before you know it, you're late. Here's your solution....

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Water Bhomb Pipe

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Don't let Mario or Luigi near the pipe! It'll blow them up! They might be plumbers, and this pipe might be called a Water Bhomb, but my experience with the situation goes all the way back to 1989. My mama's basement....

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The Miracle Cube Timer

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Miracle Cube Timer? Haha, kids, more like the Miracle Cube Time-outer. Mama and Daddy are getting a new gadget to count down their workouts and number of minutes they must breathe deep and calm before freaking out. But...

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Magnetic Sand Hourglass

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Looks like Wooly Willy is a new daddy. They told him this would happen if he didn't stay away from that sexy hourglass at the front desk. Now he's got at least 18 years of minding his little iron fillings in 60-second...

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Nuke Lamp

$1,388.66 from Shapeways »

This is what my head feels like this morning. I thought it would be appropriate for the day after New Year's Eve (aka New Year's Day) in case yours does too. Misery loves company. Company now comes in the form of a Nuke...

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Awaglass Soap Bubble Timer

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Here at last to keep track of your 60-second increments of time: soapy water. Fill the Awaglass bubble timer with H2O and dish soap, shake it up, and marvel at the brilliant mind of a Japanese dude with so much time on...

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Personal Radiation Detector

$18.90 from Amazon »

The RADTriage Radiation Detector is a U.S. Military-grade personal dosimeter, which I need because the homeless guy outside my office is always warning me about how the government is secretly allowing high levels of radiation...