The Miracle Cube Timer

Posted: July 01, 2017
The Miracle Cube Timer
$12.99 - $18.88
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Miracle Cube Timer? Haha, kids, more like the Miracle Cube Time-outer. Mama and Daddy are getting a new gadget to count down their workouts and number of minutes they must breathe deep and calm before freaking out. But it just so happens to be an equally nifty gadget for sitting you in the corner to think about what you did for the next 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 20, 30, 45, or...oh, dude, you must've broken something valuable or used the F word...60 minutes.

What's even more great about the Miracle Cube Timer, at least versus the Time Out Stool, is that its application goes beyond toddler age. You can set the "Minutes you must..." for elementary and middle schoolers, teenagers, and even me, a grown-ass man getting reprimanded and handed a Miracle Cube to go sit on the couch after I've violated She-Ra: Princess of Power's rules about touching anything in the kitchen while she's in there cooking.

Miracle Cube Timers come in 4 colors, each containing 4 sides with different increments of time. To start the timer, just flip your preferred number of minutes face-up. To stop it, return the cube to its 5th side, the "O". The 6th side has a digital clock showing where you are in your countdown.

When time is up the Miracle Cube rings a "loud, unmistakable" alarm.

In addition to exercise, meditation, and discipline, Miracle Cubes can step in for cooking timers, game timers, homework timers, and - oh boy - productivity timers at the office.

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