The Floating Mug

By: on July 06, 2012
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One biting comment I could make about Tigere Chiriga's Floating Mug is...hmmm...donut hole. I got nothin'. It's just a simple, yet truly novel design, whose purpose is as terrifically useful as its look is incredibly cool. Chiriga invented the Floating Mug for two reasons: 1) he loves tea; and 2) he wanted to get his wife off his ass.

Condensation rings from ever-present cups and mugs left on the couple's new furniture were creating some domestic discontent, and although Chiriga had seen many mugs designed with built-in coasters of sorts, he felt most took away the tactile pleasure of holding a warm porcelain cup in his hands, or were uglier than the east end of a horse headed west. His Eureka moment came when grabbing a suspended banana off its holder. See, hovering bananas...hovering mugs...aaand the Floating Mug is born.

In case you were wondering, mugs' structural integrity was not compromised by this new design. They will still support the weight of the gallons of milk most of us like to rest on top of our morning coffee.

The Floating Mug will run as a Kickstarter project through July 31, 2012, and has already achieved its $15,000 funding goal. While Chiriga had his prototype made in China, he has a US manufacturer on deck to manage its full production run. This explains the mug's $40 price tag ($75 for two), as things be more expensive to make in America. Anticipated ship date is December 2012, in time for Christmas. Thinking about Christmas in July kind of makes me want to vomit, but admittedly, a Floating Mug would be a pretty sweet gift for fans of coffee, tea, and suspended animation.

November 2013 Update: The Floating Mug exceeded its crowdfunding goal and is now available for direct purchase--follow the link below.

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