The Double Dish

Posted: March 03, 2012
The Double Dish
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Sweet! Somewhere to hide all the crap you wish you hadn't taken a bite out of and need to spit out! The Double Dish, a bowl within a bowl, is the perfect receptacle for gristly beef, bivalves gone bad, and entire servings of Brussels sprouts. Its hovering, blanketing top bowl even allows kids, plus adults facing a plate of Korean delicacies, to politely and slyly discard inedible oral assaults without drawing attention to themselves, or offending the people who actually eat that rotting, fermented, biohazard-looking pile of.... Then, at the end of the meal, they can simply be the champ who offers to clear the dishes, and dispose of the toxic waste unnoticed.

Double Dishes are also handy for edamame pods, shrimp casings, and the times you want to mow on a wad of nuts, but aren't in the mood to get your ass beat again for throwing the shells on the floor like they do at the pub down the street. The bowls come in white, bright green, and a combo of the two, and are made of dishwasher-safe malamine. They measure 7" x 6.8" x 3" when assembled.

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