Steak Saws

Posted: May 30, 2014
Steak Saws
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Steak Saws? Now that's a little cynical, don't you think? Just because you've had to get the entirety of your body weight behind carving bites off of every steak your wife/girlfriend/mama has served to this point in life doesn't mean the next one won't be as tender and succulent as wagyu's finest. And even if it remains the same old inch-thick piece of leather it always has been, there's no need to get all cleverly passive aggressive about things.

Unless, like me, clever passive aggression is your specialty. In that case, go ahead. Saw your way through the summer's steaks and pork loins and inquiries of, "Wait, was I supposed to cook those chicken breasts for 20 minutes or 20 minutes per side?" with all the smugness and kitsch this set of 4 stainless steel serrated hand saw knives can deliver.

Steak Saw knife handles are plastic. Each measures 9.2" x 2.9".

Steak Saw knives are a top Dude Gift for Dad and Gift for the Kitchen pick.

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