Spaghetti Monster Pasta Servers

Posted: February 10, 2020
Spaghetti Monster Pasta Servers

OTOTO's new Spaghetti Monster kitchen utensils are technically called pasta servers, but I think in being true to their inspiration, and honoring the FSM, their highest and best use at your next dinner party would be as pasta flingers. You know, the Flying Spaghetti Monster flying some spaghetti down the length of the table. There's a whole game of Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner out there, but why not get the hot noodles and sauce involved in the fun while everyone's eating?

The Spaghetti Monster Pasta Servers are a follow-up to OTOTO's Spaghetti Monster Colander. I'm surprised this set of spoon and straining spork didn't come first, though, seeing as the colander could be used from anything from canned beans to rinsed greens, but the servers are so obviously designed for big ol' vats of spaghetti.

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