Spaghetti Monster Colander

By: on August 19, 2017
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Pastafarians, Flying Spaghetti Monster sympathizers, people who just enjoy a good googly-eyed car emblem, I hope you're hungry! For your deity has appeared to me in colander form. He says he wants to live in your kitchen. Watch over your tongs and mixing bowls. Drain your cooked noodles and co-host Sunday night spaghetti feeds.

Hailing from quirky household design studio OTOTO the Flying Spaghetti Monster colander joins the ranks of the Toothpig and the Nessie Ladle as the company's latest whimsical interpretation of a common kitchen tool. FSM manifested as strainer can hold a handsome pile of pasta, measuring 7-1/2" x 12" x 8-1/2".

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5lb Bag of Kraft Cheese Powder

$32.22 from Firehouse Pantry »

Sometimes I wonder what I'll do if one day I don't want the Kraft Mac & Cheese my mama or Bob Evans serves me. Like, what if I want Kraft mini wieners* & cheese or Kraft Jet-Puffed Jumbo Mallows & cheese? Or, screw all...

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The Nessie Family Kitchen Utensils

$31 from Amazon »

The whole fam Nessie damily would like to take a swim in your kitchen brews and stews. Papa the colander spoon in your cooked pasta. Mama the ladle in your tomato soup and passion fruit punch. And Baby Nessie in your...

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FoodPod Boil Bag & Strainer

$11.42 from Amazon »

The FoodPod looks like an adorable, fat-jowled alien. See--the horizontal strip cutout is his eyes, the first bump below that his nose, the 2 oval cutouts below that his pair of mouths, and the big rounded sides of the...

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Transparent Stock Pot

$200 from Moma Store »

It's no Sears Tower* glass Skydeck hovering 1,353 feet above the streets of Chicago, but at least this transparent stock pot is a lot easier to haul home, and way less likely to make you vomit. Well...unless you're a...

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Egg Monster Toast Cutter

$8.99 from Perpetual Kid »

Forget Toads in the Hole, the brave, the strong, the warriors who truly want to conquer their day kick it off with a little Eye of the Beast. Ahhh, breakfast has never been geekier and breaking the yolk never more satisfying...

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Philips Automatic Pasta Maker

$239.99 from Amazon »

I was watching that Aziz Ansari Master of None show, and after Aziz's girlfriend told him she might move to Chicago for a job he decided to cope by learning to make pasta. By the end of the episode he had declared himself...

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High-Protein 100% Bean Pasta

Sold Out from Amazon »

Make that Inordinately-High-Protein 100% Bean Pasta. That tastes surprisingly F'ing delicious. Each serving of Explore Asian's bean pastas--available in black bean, soybean, adzuki bean, and edamame & mung bean varieties--has...

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Pot Minder Boil-Over Prevention Disc

$5.61 from Amazon »

Isn't half the fun of cooking making a ginormous mess? And then spending hours you could be eating your Beef & Fritos Enchiladas cleaning up the kitchen afterward? Hmmm...maybe not so much. One of the top culinary offenses...

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Automatic Japanese Noodle Maker

No need to knead, noodle lovers. Or mix, feed, or crank for that matter. Just pour water, flour, egg...and whatever other edible Eastern magic creates the kinky deliciousness that is ramen...into the Philips Noodle Maker...

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Fasta Pasta Microwave Pasta Cooker

$14.99 from Amazon »

For those who claim to be so lousy in the kitchen you can't even boil water, the Fasta Pasta is for you. For those who don't have much of a kitchen in you studio, basement, or dorm room, the Fasta Pasta is also for you....

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Pasta Boobs

Sold Out from Amazon »

I hear Pasta Boobs pair best with cream-based sauces. I hear Pasta Boobs should be cooked al dente if you want them to stay firm. I hear if you serve Pasta Boobs to kids under 3, they'll only gnaw on the tips. I hear...eh...

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I Could Eat a T-Rex Spaghetti Measurer

$9.88 from Amazon »

Whether you're hungry enough to eat a T-Rex, or just need a quick coupla bites of the child from the family he's terrorizing, this clever kitchen tool will measure out the precise amount of meaty flesh you need to achieve...