Skull Egg & Pancake Molder

Posted: July 05, 2012
Skull Egg & Pancake Molder
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The universal sign for poison, now in a handy mold for making things that presumably are not! Well, maybe teaching children to associate pancakes and eggs in the shape of skulls with poison will help combat the growing problem with childhood obesity. For the rest of us, the Skull Pancake & Egg Molder can be another way to impress guests with our culinary ingenuity. Combined with the Hand Gun Egg Fryer, it can also be a way of suggesting what might happen if they don't appear adequately impressed. Also, given that strategic marketing and tireless chicken lobbyists have convinced me that eggs are both incredible and edible, I think they deserve some pomp & circumstance around their presentation. Pancakes on the other hand...well, let's just say Fuck pancakes and leave it at that.

The Skull Pancake & Egg Molder measures 6 1/2" in diameter.

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