Size Matters Cake Plate

Posted: April 19, 2015
Size Matters Cake Plate

Now you can have your cake and...measure it with a protractor too. This Size Matters plate is perfect for parents looking both to stick it to siblings warring over whose piece of devil's food is bigger, and make the kids learn some valuable math skills prior to partaking in dessert. And no more than a 10-degree slice for you tonight, Little Betsy. I think you're gonna have your mom's hips.

The Size Matters Cake Plate measures a full 360-degrees of spongy iced deliciousness, plus breaks down circular baked goods into 90-degree quarters for easier slice size calculations when the cake cutter is stoned. The platter measures 12" in diameter to accommodate most standard layer, bundt, and round cakes. It is made of ceramic.

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