Self-Stirring Microwave Bowl

By: on March 16, 2012
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  • Self-Stirring Microwave Bowl

Like stackable soap, AutoStir self-stirring microwave dish is a rather elegant solution to an age-old perturbance--in this case, the uneven distribution of heat during nuking. How many times have you seared off a few layers of tongue flesh when taking a bite of Ramen from the container's periphery, only to have the next spoonful from the center go down nauseatingly tepid? Of course you can stop the microwave every minute, remove its contents, and give them a manual zhoosh to remedy this, but that approach is laborious, likely to incur out-of-bowl sloshing, and probably causes cancer. AutoStir relieves you of both the hassle, and the temperature inconsistencies by stirring its bowl's contents perpetually while the microwave runs.

The AutoStir lid has paddles on the inside, and a suction cup extension on the outside, the latter of which attaches to the top of your microwave. When the oven starts, and its revolving plate gets a-twirling, the suction cup serves as a stanchion for the lid, while the plate's rotation forces the interior paddles to circulate, and evenly heat, your chicken noodle soup, marinara sauce, or breast milk.

AutoStir is currently in the market research phase on Quirky. It's not for sale yet, but if you think it should be, you can visit the site, review the product, and answer a few questions about it to determine whether or not it will go into production. You can also suggest how much it should sell for.

Quirky is a site that enables pretty much any Tom, Dick, or Harry to bring his or her big idea to life. Provided it isn't completely unrealistic, a money pit, or generally retarded. Idea submissions cost $10, due, we're assuming, to the high percentage of proposals that are in fact retarded. The nominal fee probably curbs a modest quantity of BS, as well as funds the community that reads and provides thoughtful feedback on submissions. Look at it this way: it's maybe the cheapest product focus group ever. Find out more about Quirky's ethos and idea submission/review procedures here.

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