Retro Series Hot Dog Roller

Posted: July 04, 2013
Retro Series Hot Dog Roller
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We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union...okay, enough preamble. It's America's DOB. The big...what's 2013 minus 1776? The big 237. That age when countries really start to notice their genitals for the first time. And America is swinging theirs around in a big way. America is a dude right? Is it Le America or La America? Nouns don't have genders in English so it's hard to tell. Especially proper ones.

At any rate, when us Americans celebrate our country's birthday, we like to do it by shoving massive quantities of phallic shaped meats in our mouths. We really don't know any other way to do it! We've even taken to the extreme of seeing who can do how many in a certain time, though the Japanese have bested us in efficiency even at this.

If you'd like to celebrate every day like it's the 4th of July in some old fashioned time, then the Retro Series Hot Dog Roller will give you just those feels. It holds up to eight regular sized dogs, or four foot long (foot long, who's got the foot long?) dogs and has a bun warmer in the top canopy.

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