Pro-Balance Adjustable Weight Knives

Posted: January 04, 2015

Pro-Balance of Hong Kong makes Red Dot Design Award-winning weighted kitchen knives for bodybuilders discerning chefs and other people who cut a lot. Their line of stainless steel knives features a hollow handle design and an array of removable weights so users can customize the feel and function of their tools to suit individual preferences. In addition to self-determined mass, Pro-Balance benefits include self-determined center of knife gravity and, in turn, reduced fatigue while chopping vegetables, breaking down cuts of meat, and hacking off zombie parts.

Each knife arrives with a range of weights and spacers for experimenting and fine tuning. Instructions for adjusting weights, as well as guidelines for determining what grade of heft is right for you, are included in the Pro-Balance package. The company also gives how-to tips on its website.

Pro-Balance knives' stainless steel material has a high chromium content for protection from corrosion, as well as molybdenum for withstanding high temperatures, vanadium for additional strength, and carbon for extended durability. Blades taper from 1/16" thick spines to honed edges, and a smooth transition from blades to handles helps make the knives easy to clean. The calibrated kitchen tools sell singly through their American distributor as a 5" Petit Knife, 6-1/2" Utility Knife, 7" Santoku, and 8" Chef's Knife.

In addition to the above listing, Pro-Balance manufactures 16 additional pieces of cutlery, ranging from cleavers and steak knives to boning knives and sashimi slicers. Check out their full product line here, and contact the company directly with inquiries about purchasing units not available through Lee Valley & Veritas.

Muchas danke to Carlos W. for the Dude Product Tip.

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