PowerChef Tabletop Grill

Posted: June 14, 2013
PowerChef Tabletop Grill
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This electric grill sits on the tabletop. Which means it is going to reduce the amount of time it takes for babyback ribs brushed with KC Masterpiece and teriyaki shrimp kebabs to transfer from its cooking surface to my mouth. Probably by at least 15 seconds. Two thumbs up to the Dimplex PowerChef!

This almost looks like I'm grilling meats for my midget little people friends, or hobbits as they're often called in the realm of fantasy, but it does well for single larger-sized person meals. And that reminds me, one thing that really annoys me while shopping (other than the fact that it is no longer socially acceptable to ask women out in the frozen foods aisle) is that it is impossible to just get a single serving of anything anymore. It seems like I'm forced to buy in bulk. And, I know I'm not going to want peas or green beans two days in a row. I hardly want them one day in a row. You gotta eat them though man. You gotta. Then they end up going to waste and sitting in my food graveyard (fridge) for 1-5 years until I end up moving or getting a girlfriend who has the cherished old-school beliefs that a woman's place is in the kitchen and cleans my fridge out for me.

With claims of delivering big power in a small package, the tabletop grill has dual elements to spread up to 650 degrees of heat over every one of its 216 square inches. Weatherproof for balconies and easily hidden from view in places that forbid real grilling altogether, such as apartments and vegetarians' houses.

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