Power Mitt Oven Glove

By: on March 27, 2014
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Amidst all this talk of 2014 being the year of wearable technology, Pete Hottelet's Power Mitt reminds me that the real year of wearable technology was 1989. Even though it's kind of the bastard child of Nintendo on account of the fact that it sucked to use, seeing the Power Glove in oven mitt form still brings joy to my heart. And soon it will bring joy to my mama's right hand too. Provided, that is, Hottelet reaches his Indiegogo crowdfunding goal and introduces to the masses this silicone wonder child he has thus far molded only for himself.

Hottelet is no stranger to creating coveted and iconic products. Maybe you've heard of some of his past endeavors: the soap from Fight Club; Sex Panther Cologne; Stay Puft Marshmallows; and Eau My fragrance by George Takei. He decided to launch the Power Mitt after he made one for personal use a couple of years ago and everyone who saw it was like, "Dude. I want that." So at this point he has several gloves in existence (photos are a real Power Mitt, not renderings), plus the molds and tooling already made and prepped for churning out more NES throwbacks. Hopefully these will serve their intended purpose better than the originals.

Power Mitts are made of heat-resistant silicone rubber and sized to fit most right hands--if your palm is about 4" wide, you should be ready to clutch casserole dishes and flip kebabs without incident. For those who are fat-handed or left-handed, sorry dudes. Your lives continue their descent into nothingness. Unless. Unless! Hottelet receives pledges for more than 1,000 and, subsequently, 1,500 Power Mitts. At those levels he'll have larger and then lefty molds made.

If you want in on the Power Mitt for its introductory price, submit your Indiegogo pledge by May 5, 2014. Anticipated glove delivery date for backers is September 2014.

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