Portal 2 Companion Cube Ice Tray

Posted: July 24, 2013
Portal 2 Companion Cube Ice Tray
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Companion Cubes. Companion Ice Cubes. A Captain Obvious merchandising exploit that kind of manages not to sacrifice coolness in spite of it. Even those unfamiliar with the Portal universe might gravitate towards this silicone tray that churns out nicely embellished cubes of ice, chocolate, frozen yogurt, or Jell-O shots. I wonder what kind of ridicule I'd get from GLaDOS for eating a blue raspberry Companion Cube Jell-O shot. How about "euthanizing" a couple dozen of them in the incinerator that is my stomach? If precedent proves accurate, I could do it, you Aperture Science overlord bitch.

The Portal 2 Companion Cube Ice Tray makes 10 pink-hearted drink chillers or geeky party treats.

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