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By: on February 21, 2012
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Food snobs, stoners, children never lucky enough to have parents who took them to the Olive Garden, meet the Perfect Pieces Lasagna Pan. From the Baker's Edge folks' noodles, to the Barilla boxes of yours, comes a quadra-channeled labyrinth of ingenuity that transforms an otherwise daunting Italian undertaking into a delicious meal that is simple to construct, easy to serve, and spectacular to behold. The pan's heavy, hard-anodized cast aluminum base, and silicone nonstick coating also eliminate the dreaded clean-up element of scrubbing and scraping to the point of removing at least as much hand and finger skin as crusty lasagna remnants.

Perfect pieces of Baker's Edge lasagna start with the cookware's channel sizing--an exact fit for standard lasagna noodles, with sidewalls that also hug the creation's gooey, less-defined layers from end to end, keeping them stacked all neat and OCD-like. That way, when individual pieces of cheesy, starchy, paleo eater's nightmare are cut and transferred to a plate, they don't ooze apart into a chaotic heap of ricotta and red sauce. Lasagna dishes will also enjoy more consistent baking from peripheries to center, due to the switchback configuration's ability to better circulate heat.

Though partitioned into 4 "lanes" with walls, the lasagna pan is really just one meandering chamber that allows sauces and juices to flow during cooking as smoothly as a lazy river tongues yearn to bathe in. The free, but guided, liquid paths prevent noodle deflation and collapse.

In addition to maintaining the intended aesthetics of cooked lasagna, the perfect pieces pan's divided sections also lend themselves well to placating both carnivores and vegetarians--both versions can be constructed separately in the same dish.

Other consumer-suggested uses for the pan include meatloaf, mac 'n' cheese, cheesecake, even shepherd's pie. Orders also come with a fitted nylon spatula for serving.

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