Perfect Pancake Pan

Posted: September 25, 2013
Perfect Pancake Pan
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I don't know if the Perfect Pancake Pan really cooks perfect pancakes as advertised, but if it does I would like to eat 8 of its delectably fluffy jack-flappers right now. Sumbitches look gooood.

The Perfect Pancake Pan claims to be a fast, oil-and-butter-free, spatula-less means of dishing up pristine disks of leavened carbohydrates on every go. Non-stick skillets contain 4 batter receptacles and a flat fold-over lid for flipping halfway through. They also accept eggs, cooking each sized just right for insertion into a breakfast sandwich. Unless my mouth intercepts the pass again.

Looking for perfect pancakes with even less elbow grease? Throw in a few thousand more dollars and get your very own conveyor belt pancake machine.

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