Pancake Plates

By: on December 08, 2011
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  • Pancake Plates
  • Pancake Plates
  • Pancake Plates

I can't think of anything bad to say about this product. It's not particularly inspired (it's just a plate with an extra level for syrup to pool into) but it does exactly what it is supposed to do. And it's certainly something that is needed. Those damn pancakes will soak the main good thing about eating pancakes up before you get to slurp that sugary, sticky, maple nectar down.

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PancakeBot Pancake Printer

Sold Out from Amazon »

Turn a Picasso...or your own boobie scribbles...into edible, delectable art with the PancakeBot, the world's first pancake printer, and the world's latest entirely unnecessary invention! Mama! I'm tired of circles and...

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Vertical Waffle Maker

$45.99 from Amazon »

A waffle maker with the profile of a toaster, and that's not even the best part of Cuisinart's vertical Belgian beauty. The best part is that you pour the batter in through a spout on top of the machine, up to a clearly...

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Eat, Drink & Be Standing Plates

$21.99 from Amazon »

Great Plate gives a hand to anyone with a pile of beef brisket and a freshly cracked beer. A burger and a red cup. A bratwurst and a can of sodie. This nifty champion of standing up while chowing down has a high-rimmed...

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$16.88 from Amazon »

Knork: it's the camping-ready Spork's urban, cutting edge cousin. Here to help you slice and pierce your filet mignon with a single hand and a simple rocking motion. Perfect for the knife-renouncing avant-garde, plus...

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Bubble Waffle Pan

$47.37 from Amazon »

I didn't know I had a favorite Hong Kong street food until I saw this fat, doughy bubble waffle. I haven't tasted one yet, but am reassured by the fact that my gut pretty much always gets along with anything described...

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Death Star Waffle Iron

$39.99 from Amazon »

Want to know another way to destroy a Death Star? Douse it in syrup and set it in front of my hungry face. If you love waffles and you love Star Wars, or even if you just like one of the two, or even if you just kind...

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Machete Spatula

$16.41 from Amazon »

Since I usually hack up eggs, salmon, chicken, and steaks when I try to flip or test their doneness anyway, a Machete Spatula would probably be an appropriate addition to my cooking arsenal. Plus, if any utensil could...

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Pizza Slice Night Light

$6 from Amazon »

If you ever wake up at 3 a.m. with the munchies and try to exhibit some restraint, here's your solution. This Pizza Slice Night Light will happily taunt you, lure you, and even light your way to the kitchen. It's got...

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Will It Waffle?

$10.28 from Amazon »

The questions that keep us awake at night: Am I about to get canned? How am I going to tell her I spent the money for new minivan tires on a really sick crossbow? Is that lump under my armpit a gland or cancer? Will it...

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Chef Stack Pancake Machine

$3,500 from Chef Stack »

Now this is a pancake machine Henry Ford would appreciate. It's almost akin to something you'd see Homer lying down in front of with his mouth open wide as the Chef Stack Pancake Machine pumps endless pancakes into his...

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The Go Plate

$17.99 - $21.99 from Amazon »

The day has come. Never again will we be forced to set down either our beers or our plates before administering a high five during tailgates, backyard BBQs, and the Journey featuring Special Guests Foreigner and Night...

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Pancake Pen

$9.99 from Amazon »

I know I'm ur sunshine, Mama. You don't have to make me pancakes that spell it out for...no, wait! But I mean, since you're already almost finished with them anyway, you should probably just keep going. Mmmm, we have...