Out of the Woods of Oregon Bread Board & Knife

Posted: February 29, 2020
Out of the Woods of Oregon Bread Board & Knife
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Not Red Riding Hood, not the Big Bad Wolf, but a cutting board with a bread and bagel knife that are coming Out of the Woods of Oregon to Grandma's house today. Made of solid red alder wood, the bread board and slicer work in perfect sync to facilitate your carb-cutting endeavors, right down to the knife storing flush inside its own cutout in the board.

Out of the Woods of Oregon has fitted its saw-life bread knife with an ultra-thin, double-ground serrated stainless steel blade they say will slice any kind of baked dough you throw its way, including bread warm from the oven. When using the 18" x 8" cutting board, the company recommends flipping it over to keep the knife storage face lookin' fine, and also keep bread crumbs out of the cutout crevices to make cleanup easier.

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