One-Egg Fry Pan

Posted: February 22, 2014
One-Egg Fry Pan
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It would be better if it were in the shape of the toast I'm going to pile it on, and I also doubt my ability to flip an egg within such tight confines without losing part of it to my burner, but I still appreciate the sentiment behind GreenPan's one-egg frying pan. Perfectly shaped eggs with evenly distributed whites and only about 6" of surface area to wash. And I guess if I got it I could switch to English muffins and apologize to my mama for asking why so many of her dinners look like the stuff I threw up after completing dares in college so she'll start cooking my food for me again.

GreenPan specializes in cadmium-, lead-, and PFOA-free cookware with Thermolon ceramic nonstick coatings that emit 60% less CO2 during their curing phase. The resultant technology is heat resistant up to 850 degrees F, so accidental overheating of the pan will not generate toxic fumes or cause its coating to blister and peel. GreenPan also touts its magnitude of nonstickness as "great" and "very easy to clean", which better apply to eggs too because in my experience, cooking eggs on a "nonstick" pan without butter or oil, and sometimes even with it, has "sucked" and been an "enormous pain in my ass" to clean.

One-egg frying pans have stainless steel handles and aluminum bodies. Full measurements are 9.1" long x 5.2" wide x 3" deep.

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