Nuni Tortilla Toaster

By: on March 14, 2017
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I don't care how much I don't need a Nuni Tortilla Toaster, I need a Nuni Tortilla Toaster. Uno of all, tacos are the most delectable dish a human mind has ever conceived. Dos of all, when it's pissing rain outside, they are just as easy and delectable to make at home as they are to drive to Tacos truck or Bell to get. Tres of all, warm, chewy tortillas account for at least 65% of their delectability. But the space constraints of my stovetop mean I can warm only 2, maybe 3 at once if they're the street-sized rounds, and by the time the 6 to 18 I want to eat have all had their turn, the first group is going cold and rigid again. And heating them in a wrapped stack in the oven? Works, but takes like 20 minutes, and sometimes I need the oven for the sheet pan poblano chicken my girlfriend's cooking to go in the tortillas.

Nuni may be a technically unnecessary kitchen gadget, but if you eat enough tacos and fajitas, being able to toast their tortillas by the half-dozen in less than 60 seconds is so worth it.

The Nuni Tortilla Toaster holds up to 6 x 6" tortillas (or smaller) per warming session. Insert your corn or flour flats into its slots, lift the handle to fire it up, and then rotate the toaster to release them once the heating cycle is complete. No flipping required. Check it out in the Grub Street video above.

At printing, the Nuni was available for pre-order, with initial arrival and shipment in the US scheduled for the summer of 2017.

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Human Burrito Blanket

$44.95 from Amazon »

A couple of giant Human Burrito Blankets will make sure your Tortilla Baby knows who Mommy and Daddy are. At 5' in diameter, I'd be able to roll up one fine bean, cheese, rice, and man meat burrito in this flour tortilla...

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Paqui Carolina Reaper Madness Chip

Sold Out from Paqui »

Betcha can't eat just one. Maybe not even one bite. Paqui says its Carolina Reaper Madness Chip is made with the hottest chile pepper on earth, and possibly in all the circles of hell. It's so hot they package them in...

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Mucha Liga Tequila

Mucha Liga has made a tag team trio of lucha libre-themed tequilas, and in so doing has also made a fantasy many of us never even knew we had come true. Which mask will you wear ('til you puke 'n' pass out) during your...

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Flatev Countertop Tortilla Maker

$399 from Flatev »

I know store-bought tortillas aren't exactly a wallet vacuum, and making them yourself won't really save any money, but if Flatev's claims are to be trusted, this electric countertop tortilla churner requires 0 skills...

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Breakfast Burrito Maker

$20.88 from Amazon »

The people want burritos! It's no surprise Hamilton Beach has followed up its wildly popular Breakfast Sandwich Maker with a Breakfast Burrito Maker because, well, the people want burritos! Since 1975, according to Wikipedia...

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Senor Shaker the Margarita Maker

Sold Out from Amazon »

It's The Most Interesting Shaker in the World! Senor Shaker the Margarita Maker will be there for you like a brother. To liven your parties, charm your guests, and of course mix up the best 22 ounces of tequila juice...

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Taco Toaster

$31.50 from Amazon »

Yo quiero some Super Bowl Sunday carne asada tacos! And not the ones from Taco Bell. I'd like to spend my second half glued to the TV instead of the john this year. Also, I would like 12 lovingly constructed tacos total...

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Tortilla Baby Blanket & Hat

Sold Out from Amazon »

Mmm, mmm that baby looks good enough to dunk in guacamole and drizzle with Cholula. I'm a little confused about the tortilla swaddling blanket's accompanying hat though. Why does it have a knot in it? Aren't tamales the...

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Chihuahua Taco Holders

$27.99 from Overstock.com »

Yo quiero three large divots carved out of my back so I can hold tacos for gringos. Meet Tito...and his twin brother Tito...a duo of chihuahuas eager to liven up your Taco Tuesday with their droll method of tortilla shell...

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Holstein Housewares Empanada Maker

$19.71 - $22.17 from Amazon »

The last electric empanada maker I showed you was from Nostalgia Electrics, but this one from Holstein Housewares is waaaay better in terms of: empanada size and shape (smaller, finger food-style with an authentic crinkle-pressed...

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Coconut Wraps

Sold Out from Amazon »

My ad campaign for this product would be Paleo Wraps: they definitely taste way better than paper. To say the coconut carb substitutes are delicious, or even good, is tough though. They're not bad. And they're not tasteless....

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SOUP3RB Cook + Blend Blender

$83.68 from Amazon »

It looks like someone stuck the SOUP3RB's name in a blender. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether the word that came out of 3 Square's Cook + Blend machine is hot or cold....