Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds

By: on August 24, 2013
  • Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds
  • Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds
  • Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds
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I love how, along with depicting the unsavory image of a fat person spilling out of his jeans in a way that still makes me want to take a big bite out of his moist and caky excess fat, these muffin top molds also stay true to how things are in real life in the ass department. As in, they haven't one. And why is that? It's like the ultimate curse in body proportions: cascading rolls of adipose tissue just above and below the belly button, tapering into a clear, flat, 12" drop at the posterior. Muffin top, pancake ass. Hey, throw in a pair of dough arms, a set of sausage fingers, and some below-the-belt eggs, and these poor bastards could be walking Grand Slam breakfasts.

While I further ponder obesity metaphors, you can check out Perpetual Kid's set of 4 Muffin Top Cupcake Molds for a novel, clever, and slightly insensitive vehicle for serving up baked goods. If you want, you can also relish the irony of feeding someone calorically dense creations in containers shaped like what they could become if they eat them.

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Haunted Skull Cakelet Pan

$69.99 from Amazon »

Skull "cakelets." Spooky, sinister, and...adorable. Bring on the devil's food, 'cause you're haunting me with your cuteness, little skulls....

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ShapeScale 3D Body Scanner

$299 - $499 from ShapeScale »

ShapeScale says its 3D body scanner and fitness tracker is "like a magic mirror that allows you to time travel. See your present and past self from any angle." Hmmm, "magic mirror," huh? Something tells me my relationship...

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The Whisk Wiper

Sold Out from Amazon »

What is this whiskcraft I see before me? You mean worming my tongue between the wire loops and getting chocolate cake batter all over my face isn't the best way to clean off the whisk when my girlfriend is baking? Nah....

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Naked 3D Fitness Scanner

$499 from Naked »

All you metric-driven, body-conscious visual learners out there, it's time to get Naked. And anyone else intrigued by the idea of using regular 3D body scans to track health and fitness, you might want to give this full-length...

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The Fat Magnet

$2.40 from Amazon »

I know a lot of fat magnets. I bet you do too. Most of them look more like an ass in need of a run around the block than a reimagined dreidel though. But this Fat Magnet, the dreidel kind, is actually here to help the...

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Fatworks Animal Fat Cooking Oils

$16.95 - $22.35 from Amazon »

I don't know much, but I do know that I would like some duck fat french fries. Yes please, Baby Jesus! A coupla spiralized russets, a sturdy saucepan, a big, fat wad of Fatworks kettle-rendered quack fat, and I don't...

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Stuff It Up Pan

$24.99 from Amazon »

I mostly like the Stuff It Up Pan because owning one will allow me to add, "Stuff it up!" to my repertoire of most-used commands. Current inclusions: "Suck it up!" (Crybaby Cornelius); "Suck it in!" (Gotta zip those pants...

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Inflatable Chub Suits

$35.99 from Amazon »

WARNING: Keep Chub Suits away from fire. Ha! All I can think of after seeing these tub-o costumes and reading that line is the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Kids, take note: if you wear an inflatable Chub Suit this Halloween...

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Homemade Twinkie Maker

$26.95 from Amazon »

Now that Twinkies have returned to market, a homemade Twinkie maker might not classify as the same magnitude of necessity that it did for about 8 months there. But, still, it's kind of a necessity. You never know when...

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Stink Yourself Slim Spray

Sold Out from Amazon »

Stink Yourself Slim is not a joke. It's not a gag gift or an Instructables project some dude made at home to give to the lardass who hogs all of the chocolate long johns when someone brings donuts to work. Yeah, I know....

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Nibble Cake Pan

$19.99 from ThinkGeek »

Unless you're a complete tool, it's pretty hard to F up a cake mix. However, if you're attempting to bake a cake from scratch in an effort to show the apple of your eye how much you care/should get laid with an introductory...

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The Doughnut Warming Coffee Mug

$29.99 from Amazon »

This mug has been specially crafted with a "plate" set into its rim so you can use your morning cup of coffee or tea to also hold and warm your morning doughnut. The only problem is that I heard your morning doughnut...