Microwave Omelette Maker

Posted: December 30, 2013
Check It Out

I wasn't that impressed with this Lekue microwave omelette maker until I watched the video. Now I am sufficiently impressed. Whomever filmed that thing should receive the informercial Oscar for cinematography. The omelette container in it looks so vibrantly red and malleable! The eggs so golden yellow and fetus-y! And the soundtrack! Is that available on iTunes?

There are a lot of cheap plastic trays that cook eggs in the microwave out there. Lekue tries to distinguish itself first by using platinum silicone for its omelette mold. They say the material is completely food-safe, easily bent and stored without losing shape, and won't leave any leftover residues during cooking that may alter the finished product's flavor. Also I like that trick they pulled out of their sleeve about micro-steaming chopped vegetables in the container before adding the eggs and cheese. A generally faster, cleaner, and favorably reviewed way to make omelettes.

Additionally, Lekue's mold-and-fold-and-nuke tactic will better serve those like myself who are too inept to make an omelette in a pan breaking it into 11 pieces, or flinging mushrooms and swiss into the burner. Puh. I F up over-easy eggs every time I try to flip them too. I think that's where that expression about having egg on your face comes from. It's definitely embarrassing to have egg on your face.

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