Microhearth Microwave Grill Pan

Posted: August 30, 2018
Microwave Grill Pan
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Microhearth has developed a very interesting little microwave grill pan. Yes, a pan for grilling food in your microwave. Yes, it sounds like an SNL commercial. But the Microhearth Grill Pan actually has decent reviews, and hundreds of them, for its ability to replicate the look and flavor of foods traditionally cooked on the stovetop or over the coals.

For dorm dwellers, RV road trippers, residents of efficiency apartment units, or anyone who just wants to eat fast, the Microhearth nonstick metal pan makes quick work of grilled sandwiches, vegetables, meat, and fruit. Its ceramic-coated base is raised to sear in grill marks, plus collect any drippings to keep them clear of your food. A metal lid, also ceramic-coated, covers the food during cooking for faster heat times and to prevent splashes.

In addition, Microhearth says the ceramic coating they apply to the grill pan is designed to block the "microwaves" that normally penetrate food and cause drying during this method of cooking.

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