Meat Shredders

Posted: May 01, 2013
Meat Shredders

Nevermind the meat shredders in the photos, I think I'd pay $14.95 just for a bite of that meat. What is it, pulled pork? Yeah, it's gotta be pork. Nothing but a pig could look so succulent in shredded form. Excuse me for a moment while I go drink a bottle of BBQ sauce. Yeah, I know. But it's the closest thing I've got in my fridge. And I have a very vivid imagination. Trust me, I'll make it work.

Williams Sonoma rings in grilling season with a pair of grippable shredders ideal for breaking down larger cuts of meat, including pork butt, ham, beef roasts, and whole turkeys and chickens. The stainless steel claws also claim to be sturdy enough to lift and turn carnivorous pleasures as they cook, as well as transport them to/from the grill.

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