Magisso Perfect Slice Cake Server

Posted: March 30, 2017
Magisso Perfect Slice Cake Server
$14.99 - $41.23
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Magisso says its curvy Cake Server will "Banish dessert-course anxiety!" Better than Xanax, I wonder? Because it would be really great if I didn't have to give my girlfriend one of mine every time she has to cut up a carrot cake. A cheesecake. A double chocolate devil's food cake. Oooh, a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. I think a mighty fine idea would be to go get 5 or 6 cakes and really give this Magisso Cake Server a test run. See if it performs well enough to slip in as a Just Because gift for my girlfriend, and her cake-cutting anxiety.

The Cake Server looks like a cookie cutter, and probably has the same basic carve-out function, but what makes it desirable to bakers and party hosts is that it doesn't just cut the perfect slice, its squeezable handle also lets you latch onto the piece and transport it to the plate without destroying or dropping it during the transition. Once it place, loosen your grip and release it.

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