Lekue Silicone Bagel Mold

Posted: March 10, 2017
Lekue Silicone Bagel Mold

I! Love! Bagels! Ilovebagels. And I'm not even related to Oprah. But once Oprah sees this bagel mold I'm about to get from Lekue I bet she'll want to come over to boil bagels and schmear 'em up with me like we're cousins anyway.

The bagel molds, sold in sets of 6, are made of silicone with perforated bottoms and tapered centers. To create holey dough heaven, mix up your favorite recipe, tear off hunks and roll them into a ball, and press them down over the center of the molds. Leave to leaven for however long you leave things to leaven, and then take your pick on bagel prep method: bake in the oven or boil on the stovetop with the dough still on the mold.

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