LEGO Men Ice Cube Tray

Posted: January 15, 2013
  • LEGO Men Ice Cube Tray
  • LEGO Men Ice Cube Tray
  • LEGO Men Ice Cube Tray
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LEGO Minifigure ice cubes and chocolates: cool. But how about LEGO Minifigure pads of butter? LEGO Minifigure Jell-O shots? LEGO Minifigure frozen Pedialyte for sick kiddos? The possibilities for transcending all previous echelons of silicone-tray-mold coolness lie before us. Edible LEGO men aren't unwieldy in size like Han Solos in Carbonite, and they don't salute violence and phallic shapes like AK47 bullets. More importantly, you can play with them until they start to melt or stain your mom's tablecloth.

The blue ice cube/candy/bacon drippings (? hmmm...) mold makes 8 LEGO men. Dishwasher safe. Which will be crucial to anyone who really does try out the pork fat thing.

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