KRUPS Egg Cooker

Posted: July 03, 2015
KRUPS Egg Cooker
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Nothing sucks more than spending 15 precious minutes hardboiling an egg only to crack it open and find a puckered rubbery white and grisly-green-sheathed yolk. It's not that it's hard to make a perfectly cooked egg. It's just that it's hard for, like, 70% of us. Especially chickens. They really have a rough time with it. Enterprising cookware brand that they are, KRUPS has developed an electric egg cooker to take the guess work and propensity to eff it up out of hard boiling an egg.

Egg cooker use requires 3 steps: add water; add eggs; turn on. The machine then steams the eggs, automatically timing the cooking process based on your selection of soft, medium, or hard, and sounds an alarm when the eggs are done. If you're not ready to eat them, the cooker also has a warming function that will stop the cooking process but keep the eggs from cooling.

KRUPS electric egg cookers have space for 7 eggs at a time and also include a pair of poaching trays for cooking perfect poached eggs and omelets.

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