Kilner Butter Churn

Posted: August 25, 2017
Kilner Butter Churn
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Churn, baby, churn - Butter Inferno! - Churn, baby, churn - Churn that mother around! Ahhh, Kilner's manual butter churn sure does bring back memories of my childhood. Not that I used to churn butter by hand as a kid - I'm not that old, you punk millennials! - but I did used to eat a whollllllle lotta butter. Saltine crackers were basically my butter vessel. A sleeve of saltines, a stick of butter, and we had...snack time!

Then I grew up and got my cholesterol checked, and that was the end of that particular brand of snack time.

With a 34 fluid ounce capacity mason jar on the bottom and a sweet paddle-gear-wooden-handle cranking system up top, the Kilner Butter Churn whips up batches of butter in as little as 10 minutes with as little as one ingredient: cream. Not whole milk, and not that half and half half-assed cow juice, but pure, heavy cream.

I'd add a little salt too.And some fresh black Perigord truffles sniffed out by a pig called Pierre.

The churning set also comes with a recipe booklet for flavored butters, such as cinnamon & honey, parmesan basil, and chili & lime.

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