June Intelligent Oven

Posted: March 15, 2017
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The June Intelligent Oven is the Oprah of skills: now YOU'RE a good cook...and YOU'RE a good cook...and YOU'RE a good cook! Yes, that's right, without training, practice, or talent June will make everyone think you're a terrific cook, even if you're a horrible cook. And if you're already pretty good? June will give you cooking and baking consistency and free up some of your time...or just make you irritated that horrible cooks can now get raves and props without the skills to back them up. The beauty--and curse!--of June is that, "Everything you cook comes out precisely how you want it, every time." That's what the startup that wants you to bring June into your kitchen says anyway.

In addition to fancy carbon fiber heating coils (6 of them that preheat 3 times faster than other ovens) and a hyper-accurate thermometer (up to 1 degree F) able to measure internal food temperatures while they're cooking, the June Oven has embedded sensors and AI skills that allow it to recognize what type of dish you're cooking, and calibrate exactly how hot and for how long it should cook. Using an HD camera and 50+ preset cooking programs, June can suggest how best to bake, broil, or roast your dish, plus let you watch live video of your turkey browning or cheese going all melty over your enchiladas through the June app. The oven itself has a 5" touchscreen that gives users complete heat and cook time control as well.

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