In-Shell Egg Scrambler

Posted: November 26, 2017
In-Shell Egg Scrambler
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You may have tried eating eggs to build muscle, but have you ever tried building muscle to eat eggs? This in-shell egg scrambler does exactly that: mixes yolk and whites together into a fluffy, sunshine-hued batter that, with further zhuzzhing solidifies into a golden boiled egg you can peel and eat. The only catch is that this feat of kitchen chemistry is only possible with a side of kitchen physics. Manual kitchen physics.

The in-shell egg scrambler is powered by hand. After securing your raw egg inside its protective plastic pod, it's up to you to yank on the gadget's pull cord...40 to 50 times...to send it spinning and scrambling. Get those shoulders and traps fired up!

In-shell scrambles eat like hard boiled eggs, but with the (amazingly, entirely different) flavor of scrambled eggs. The competing squeaky white and chalky yolk textures that make some people hate hard boiled eggs are eliminated, as is most of the risk that kiddos and the elderly will choke on them.

Despite the elbow grease requirements of in-shell scrambling, if you only want a couple of eggs, using this device will still take you less time than stovetop hard boiling or scrambling, especially given the reduced cleanup. No pots, pans, or utensils to dirty, and the scrambler itself disassembles for direct transfer to the dishwasher.

They say the egg shaker is suitable for eggs of all shapes and sizes, and that its pod is designed to spin the egg in place, so "lawnmowering" it up will rarely break, fracture, or weaken the shell. Use the in-shell egg scrambler for soft as well as hard boiled eggs, along with deviled or pickled eggs, and the base for egg salad.

The in-shell egg scrambler is a top Dude Gift for the Kitchen pick.

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