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Posted: February 10, 2012
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Caffeine injections and enemas are great on the go and all, but sometimes it's that fresh-roasted aroma, and hot liquid nuttiness that really give us the stamina to keep the hamster wheel spinning. The mypressi TWIST is a portable, handheld espresso maker that transforms either ground coffee or ESE pods into silky smooth shots of wake-up juice in less than a minute. The TWIST pressurizes and drives brewing processes using an attached vial of hot water, and the same nitrous oxide cartridges as whipped cream dispensers and soda makers. A regulator on the handheld mechanism decreases cartridge psi just enough to ensure a 9-bar pull indecipherable from a commercial or counter top espresso machine. And each cartridge can fire up to 8 single shots--plenty to get you through the morning commute.

To use the TWIST, grind your favorite beans, or grab your favorite pod o' joe, and boil some water. You'll preheat the bowl with a round of hot water, dump it out, and then refill with the water you want to use. Once the grounds basket is filled--the TWIST comes with three varieties to choose from--hold the spouts over your intended receptacle, pull the trigger, and, seconds later, find yourself awash in peace and cloud-like crema. For an Americano or latte, simply heat and fill 3/4 of your mug with hot water or milk.

Given the horror and insanity unraveling in today's world, mypressi is proud to turn pulling the trigger and bracing for the shot into a pleasant experience for all TWIST users, as well as the recipients of its fruits. For more information, visit the company's website, and check out the how-to video here.

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