Gourmia Portable Infusion Smoker

Posted: April 19, 2018
Gourmia Portable Infusion Smoker
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I recently saw a portable infusion smoker like this - well, maybe not Gourmia's Smo-King, but one like it - in action at a steak house in Austin, TX. They were using cherry wood chips in a handheld smoker, with a channeling tube positioned under a cloche, to infuse smoke up some of their whiskey cocktails. They'd place the drink on the base of the cloche, fill the dome with smoke, and then deliver the whole thing to the person who ordered it for the big poof! (literally) reveal at the table.

Now seeing the Gourmia Smo-King portable infusion smoker in retail, I'm surprised it's so reasonably priced. The gadget uses real wood chips to infuse pretty much any food (or drink) you like with the flavors of hickory, mesquite, apple, or cherry woods. A fan on the smoker apparatus filters out heat and vitalizes the smoke so it hits ingredients cold and with maximum impact and even flavor distribution.

Gourmia recommends testing out the smoker on steaks, seafood, poultry,, cheese, and cocktails.

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