Good Grips Mango Splitter

Posted: April 17, 2014
Good Grips Mango Splitter
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OXO says, "There's nothing as luscious as a ripe mango." OXO obviously has never seen Kate Upton's rack. Or Kelly Brook's. Or Christina Hendricks'. However, I do agree that mangoes are in the luscious family. The luscious yet incredibly hard to penetrate without making a big mess of things family. (So, yeah, still similar to the girls.) Peeling? No problem. But pitting without mango mangling, squashing, or slippage? A precarious task to say the least.

OXO's Good Grips mango splitter says it will separate the flesh from the fruit's wonky, oblong pit precisely and mess-free every time. Its stainless steel center blades and 2-sided comfort handles facilitate the process, hacking off the edible mango portions into perfectly shaped...uh...perfectly shaped...what's flat on the back and bumped on the front besides a surgical mask and a pregnant woman? I can't use the image of a surgical mask or a pregnant woman as part of an analogy intended to convey something desirable.

The mango splitter is dishwasher-safe and made of BPA-free materials.

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