Get in the Kitchen Bit@hes Cookbooks & Rubs

Posted: September 14, 2013
Get in the Kitchen Bit@hes Cookbooks & Rubs
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I could never match skills, and for once am not even going to try to match wits, with Jason Bailin. Bailin is a man who endeavors to transplant other men from Chinese takeout vestibules to the kitchen by way of tough love (i.e., ridicule), simple, both-sexes-satiating recipes, palate-smacking spice blends, and adept locker room humor. Which is to say Bailin hopes his cookbooks, Get in the Kitchen Bit@hes and Get Back in the Kitchen Bit@hes "will take you from the lowly, pathetic, piece of crap cook you are today to one that can prepare a meal simply by feeling your way through it."

Get in the Kitchen Bit@hes verses men on the nuances of dishes such as: Miso Honee Stir Fry; Bend Me Over Beef; and South of My Border Pasta. Its follow-up, Get Back in the Kitchen Bit@hes, delves into more advanced cooking techniques--but maintains the established level of masculine maturity--with: Lay'er Down Lasagna; Munch on My Meat! Marsala; and Mother Clucker Meatloaf.

The newest addition to Bailin's family of Bit@ches, a collection of 8 spice rubs, spruces his recipes--not to mention Dude's own guide to Gifts for Men--with toothsome creations ranging from Jamaican Me Jerky Caribbean Blend to Spank It Kopita Grecian Blend to Smoky Pole BBQ Blend. Still waiting for the New-England-Via-Cleveland Steamers Seafood Blend, Bailin.

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